Game points

  Game points

  With our bonus point system you collect as a registered customer game points from the first purchase!

  For every CHF 5.00 purchase you got one point. The value of one point is CHF 0.05.
  From 100 points (value CHF 5.00) you can use these for payment during the payment process.

  Extra-game points

  Additional game points can be obtained as follows:

  - When purchasing specially marked products (promotions, etc.)
  - Participation in surveys (variable points)
  - Participation in competitions (variable points)

  Loyalty game points

  From one of the annual sales defined below, you will receive additional loyalty game points in the following year:

  Annual sales:      Loyalty game points:
  CHF   500.00      200 points
  CHF 1000.00      500 points